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How to quickly delete "line breaks" in Excel cells

As you all know, double-click a cell in Excel or press the shortcut key F2 to enter the edit mode, and then press Alt+Enter to wrap the line at the cursor position in the cell, just like entering a "line break". If many cells contain such "line breaks", now you have to delete them all, so that the contents of these cells become one line display, how to operate?

Method 1: Cancel word wrap

When you press Alt+Enter to wrap a line in a cell, the cell is set to "auto wrap", cancel the "auto wrap" option in these cells to display the effect of unwrapped in the cell, method as follows:

In Excel 2003, select the cells that need to be adjusted, right-click the mouse, and select "Format Cells" in the pop-up shortcut menu. In the "Alignment" tab, you can see that the "Auto Wrap" option has been selected. Cancel this option and click "OK".

In Excel 2007, select these cells first, then select the "Start" tab in the ribbon, and click the "Wrap" button in the "Alignment" group.

But this method has a disadvantage. When these cells are selected, the content in the formula bar is still line-wrapped, and double-clicking the cell will automatically change to "automatic line-wrap".

Method 2: Replacement method

1. Press the shortcut key Ctrl+H to open the "Find and Replace" dialog box.

2. Select the text box behind "Find Content", hold down the Alt key, and enter "0010" in the numeric keyboard. Note that after entering this way, nothing will be displayed in the text box after "Find Content".

3. Click the "Replace All" button, the line breaks will be replaced all.

Method 3: Use the CLEAN function

The CLEAN function can delete characters that cannot be printed in the text. If cell A1 contains a newline character, enter the formula in other cells:


To delete the newline character.


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