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Resolve the phenomenon of ignoring users in mysql

If the following error is encountered, it means that when starting mysqld or reloading the authorization table, An account with an invalid password was found in the user table.

Wrong password found for user 'some_user'@'some_host': ignoring user.

As a result, the licensing system will simply ignore the account.

In the following description, possible causes and corrective actions for the problem are indicated:

1.Perhaps, you are planning to run the new version of mysqld with the old user table.Execute mysqlshow mysql user to check whether the Password column is shorter than 16 characters, which can be used to check for this problem.If the result is positive, run the script/add_long_password script to correct the problem.

2.The account has an old password (8 characters long) and mysqld was not started with the "--old-protocol" option.Update the accounts in the users table with new passwords, or restart mysqld with the "--old-protocol" option.

3.The password is not specified in the user table using the PASSWORD() function.Use mysql to update the account in the user table with the new password, be sure to use the PASSWORD() function:


mysql> update user SET Password=PASSWORD('newpwd')


-> where User='some_user' AND Host='some_host';


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