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The problem of myeclipse using tomcat to publish the project fails

Before using eclipse for J2EE development, I found various inconveniences, so I downloaded myeclipse. Sure enough, myeclipse is really easy to use. Many steps of creating a new web project can be omitted and handed over to myeclipse to generate. No, check it out, it seems that the release is indeed successful, and the automatic generation of the web project is definitely not a big problem. This small problem annoyed me all afternoon.

Later, I wanted to put tomcat on another disk to try it out, and found that permissions were required when copying, so I guessed that myeclipse did not have some permission to change the tomcat folder, so I increased the permissions, and the problem ended like this .

 = =

After thinking about it, it was really sad (crying) that even such a small thing could stop me from doing anything for a long time.


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