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MyBatis reports an error: Could not set parameters for mapping: ParameterMapping{property='category

I just started learning mybatis and kept reporting the following errors when updating

org.mybatis.spring.MyBatisSystemException: nested exception is org.apache.ibatis.type.TypeException:Could not set parameters for mapping:ParameterMapping{property='categoryName', mode=IN, javaType=class java.lang.String, jdbcType=null,   numericScale=null, resultMapId='null', jdbcTypeName='null', expression='null'}. Cause: org.apache.ibatis.type.TypeException: Error setting non null for parameter #1 with JdbcType null . Try setting a different JdbcType for this parameter or a different configuration property.Cause: java.sql.SQLException:Parameter index out of range (1> number of parameters, which is 0).   

After carefully reviewing the relevant documents, because I wrote the sql statement in the configuration xml file wrong, the following is the error code

    update product_category set category_name="#{categoryName}",category_type="#{categoryType}" where category_id="#{categoryId}"

Double quotes are added to the parameter and should be removed

    update product_category set category_name=#{categoryName},category_type=#{categoryType} where category_id=#{categoryId}

Run successfully!

2019-03-0612:25:49.514 DEBUG 1215---[main] c.i.s.mapper.ProductCategoryMapper.save  :==>Preparing: update product_category set category_name=?,category_type=? where category_id=?2019-03-0612:25:49.561 DEBUG         1215---[main] c.i.s.mapper.ProductCategoryMapper.save  :==>Parameters:111(String),92(Integer),1(Integer)2019-03-0612:25:49.566 DEBUG 1215---[main] c.i.s.          mapper.ProductCategoryMapper.save  :<==Updates:1      


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