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Some thoughts on product development

1. About the version

The format of the product version number is: xxx, such as 1.2.34, where 1 is the major version number, 2 is the medium version number, and 34 is the minor version number.

The general development time for major changes to the function is also long, so you can use the version number according to the length of development time.

If the product development cycle is > 1 month, use the large version number;

If the product development cycle is > 1 week, < 1 month, use the version number;

If the product development cycle is < 1 week, use the minor version number.

2. Reverse time method

If the launch time is set for December 28, this upgrade will be a medium version upgrade, from 1.2.34 to 1.3.0,

The development time is estimated to be 2 weeks.

The test is expected to take 2 weeks,

Then the demand will be solidified on November 30. In principle, no new demand will be accepted. If there is a new demand, the new demand will be put into version 1.3.1.

If the new requirements will cause the old and new versions to be incompatible and must be put in version 1.3.0, you need to reschedule the development and cut off some unnecessary upgrades.

3. Quality or function

In a word, stability overrides everything, and the product must be stable. If the launch of new functions will cause the product to be unstable, it is better not to be.


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