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In the first year of college graduation, the sadness of delivering food made me cry all night

Love breakup

Let me briefly introduce myself, I am from Zhanjiang, I majored in logistics management in university, and now I work for an Internet company, engaged in python web development work,

As soon as I graduated from college, I experienced a double blow of career and love.My girlfriend, Xiao Qian, and I are also classmates.She is from Huizhou and broke up with me.The specific reason for the breakup is mainly that my family wants to graduate.I arranged a homework near my home, and Huizhou has a good development next to Shenzhen,

Her parents disagreed with us being together.At the time, I didn't know why I didn't have the courage to fight for it.Finally, at the time of "graduating from college in four years", we separated.I don't know how I got here,

Later, I went to the Pearl River Estuary in Guangzhou by myself.Facing the incessant flow of the Pearl River into the sea, I silently shed tears and sighed: "Life is like a wave that stirs up, chasing the clouds and the moon," maybe Only those who have experienced a lovelorn know that this sentence contains my pain.It is inevitable to encounter setbacks in life.No matter how you pursue it, you will still be unable to escape the fate of failure!

After a month, I still couldn't let go of my girlfriend.I went back to Zhanjiang school alone, and re-stepped the place we went to together, looking at the streets we used to walk side by side and hand in hand., I seem to see Xiaoqian again, walk with me slowly, and disappear at the end of the street, I seem to see that the man who is holding hands is not me, at the moment my eyes are red, holding back tears, but the tears are still The corners of my eyes were soaked and my vision was blurred.At this moment, it was as if a sharp dagger had penetrated deep into my heart.I didn't expect to come to this place and I didn't find the original feeling of love, but aggravated the pain.,

The weight of a broken love left me breathless and life still hasn't forgiven me,

I come from a remote village in Zhanjiang.I have many brothers and sisters in my family.My parents can't afford my tuition.Most of the time, the tuition is financed by my sister and brother-in-law.I had a little savings, but I couldn't find a suitable job for more than a month after graduation, and my life began to stretch, so I started taking out, just because of one word, poor,

As a fresh graduate who just graduated from college, my major is not a very popular major.In addition, I will be troubled by love and have no time to find a job when I just graduated, and then I will start takeout because of the pressure of life.I know this is not a What a glorious thing,

When I went to the CBD of a large office building to deliver food, I rode an electric car, wore a mask, and watched others do their work in the office.I am afraid that I will be recognized by the teacher who taught me, and I will embarrass the teacher.

Delivering food to college students, sometimes it's late, but it's good to communicate, usually it's praised, but people outside are not necessarily, everyone has it,

Some customers can't even figure out their own address.Once, a customer filled in the wrong address, which caused all the customers along the way to be late.It seemed that I was deducted 100 yuan that time, and the day was wasted.

There are also customers who give bad reviews if the food is not delicious.I can only feel aggrieved.What does the business have to do with me? Why do they give me bad reviews? It's even worse.I went to a neighborhood to deliver food, parked my car downstairs, and went in to deliver food.When I came out, the food in the box was stolen.

I run around to send it every day, my hair is wet and dry, and it's wet and wet.After work, I'm as tired as soft paper.Maybe it's to forget the pain of lovelorn, but I still work hard to send it overtime.Takeout, go back to the place where I live, the clock on the wall, several times the indicator is just after twelve o'clock,

Once there was a power outage in an urban village in Guangzhou, and a customer ordered a late-night snack.At that time, a typhoon came again.Although the distance was not very far, it was windy and rainy all the way, and the road was flooded.I rode an electric bike, It took dozens of minutes to get it delivered.Not surprisingly, the customer gave me a bad review and gave me a bite.

"Is my life only about delivering food!" My heart is broken, but there is no way to deal with it, and I have nowhere to vent.I can only silently hold my grievances alone, riding an electric car, and the wind is blowing in Tianhe.The road looks particularly desolate,

I don't know if all men have such a hard time at this point;

Sometimes I also think: Why do I work hard and work hard, but I still can't live my life?

I only hate that my awakening is too late, and I only sigh about my lack of ability;

The time wasted when I was young must be repaid twice now,

Have to cheer up, jump on the fence, and find a way to break the game

Olive branch

By chance, one of my high school classmates posted a circle of friends.I saw that he also works in Guangzhou and Tianhe District, so I contacted him.He majored in computer science at university and is currently doing For the front-end development work, after he learned that I was delivering food now, he recommended me to do front-end development and let me share a lease with him.He taught me when he was free, considering that python is more friendly to newcomers and the syntax is also very good Simple, since then I have started a life of learning python while delivering food,

Life is not easy, do it and cherish it

During that time, I basically kept more than 8 hours of time to study.I only delivered food during the noon time.I used to study in the morning, afternoon and evening.In the evening, I usually practiced on the computer.If you don't understand, ask my classmates,

In this way, I have spent a few months, but I have mastered a lot of skills, Python basic language, web front-end entry, a little simple crawler, a little understanding of Linux, if compared to those professional bosses , I have less experience, complex algorithms need to spend some time pondering,

So with the dream of a new world, I started my journey, interviewing every family.Although there are many companies that need experience, it depends on the person.In addition, I have changed careers, so it is inevitable to encounter obstacles., but I didn't give up, and I got what I wanted,

This is how life is.There will always be a time when life will tear you apart.There will always be a time when reality will make you bruised and staggered, and you will grow up in stumbles.In the past, life will reward you with rich gifts, because suffering is a precious treasure!

How did I teach myself Python?

About self-learning python, my biggest 3 points of experience:

  1. Find a simple and easy-to-understand tutorial with good routines, read it from beginning to end, don't read a lot of books, focus on one, the The routines in it are all played by hand.To understand why, my classmates recommended me to read "Concise Python Tutorial", but this book is not very suitable for beginners with zero basics.Learn Programming", ** or watch the tutorial at station B [2021 latest Python zero-based entry to mastering a full set of tutorials],

  2. Find a practical project to practice hands

    strong>, the interview actually requires some actual project experience.I chose to buy an online course, demo the project of the online course, practice it, and use it directly.The effect under this condition is better than you usually learn a new language It is much better, so it is best to have a real project to do.Of course, if the conditions allow, you can find a few classmates to make a website together.Note that the real project does not have to be a business project.You write a blog website that you can use only.It is also a real project.The key is to complete the core functions.

  3. It is best to find a person who already knows python and ask him for some learning planning suggestions (purchasing some online courses is also a way), I am very fortunate that I have met my classmates.Of course, in the practical part of the project, the online course teacher also gave me a lot of help, and then I asked them for guidance when I encountered a problem.I can do more with less, and we also have to learn to search and learn how to ask better questions, because no one wants to help you with your homework or answer "one-search-it" questions,

  4. ol>

    However, other people's experience may not be completely replicated.For example, what I didn't say is that before learning python by myself, I took other programming languages ​​in school, and I also met high school classmates who gave me a lot of support and help!

    For beginners with no programming experience at all, when learning python, they are not only faced with the language of python, but also need to face some common problems of "programming", such as:

    • Starting from scratch, I don't know where to start, I found this programming textbook and found that I couldn't understand the second chapter from the beginning

    • Lack of a computer Basic knowledge, stuck with "common sense" problems that some tutorials skip

    • I have a problem and don't know how to find a solution

    • I don't know what to do with it after I understand the grammar, but I forget it after a while

    • Lack of basic programming knowledge such as data structure and design patterns, I can only write Generate small program snippets

    So in addition to the 3 points of experience mentioned above, additional advice for beginner programmers:

    • First be confident, even though you may not get a triangle on the screen after hours of watching, or you may not be able to get the program up and running at all.But believe me, almost all programmers start out like this,

    • choose the appropriate tutorial, some books are classic, but not necessarily For you, maybe it's better to look at it after you've written tens of thousands of lines of code,

    • write code, then write more The code of , just read the tutorial, can't write the program, start from the routine in the book, then write the small program fragment, and then write the complete project,

    • In addition to learning programming languages, I also take into account a little bit of computer foundation, and English,

    • not only to learn to write code, You must also learn to read code, and you must be able to debug code, read the error information of your own program, and then find some programs on github to read other people's code ,

    • Learn to check official files, make good use of search engines and developer communities,

    What introductory tools should the zero-based white Python learn?

    • Knowledge One: Interpreter

    Python is an object-oriented interpreted computer programming language, so if you want to learn Python, you must understand the interpreter,

    Currently common Python interpreters include CPython, IPython, PyPy, Jython, IronPython, etc.Among these interpreters, CPython is the most widely used,

    Since the Python language is open source from the specification to the interpreter, theoretically, as long as the level is high enough, anyone can write a Python interpreter to execute Python code,

    • Introductory Tool Knowledge II: Compiler

    The purpose of the Python compiler is to help users develop tools in the Python language to improve their efficiency,

    For example, graphical page debugger, syntax highlighting, project management, code jumping, smart prompts, auto-completion, integrated unit testing, etc.

    There are currently many Python editors, Pycharm can be used for zero-based Python,

    PyCharm also provides some nice features for Django development, and only eats Google App Engine, even cooler, PyCharm supports IronPython,

    • Introduction tool knowledge three: package installation

    There are many extension packages in Python.There are two ways to install these packages:

    1.Use pip or easy install

    Find the required package on the Internet, download it, decompress the file, and switch to the directory of the package to be installed by using the command line tool cd.Find the setup?py file and enter python setup?py install

    2.Without using pip or easy install, directly open cmd and type pip install rsa

    Finally, I organized my own learning route for everyone, I think it is very useful, you can refer to:

    1. Building a Python environment
    2. Basic knowledge (focusing on understanding of Python)
    3. Object-oriented programming (focusing on programming ability)
    4. Oriented Object Programming Case Course
    5. Object-Oriented Design Ideas
    6. Python Advanced Topics (Exceptions, Archives, Patterns and Packages, Iterators, Generators, Decorators, Static Methods and Class Methods, Regularity Getting Started)

    This full version of "Python Learning Route and Toolkit" has been uploaded to the official CSDN.If you need it, you can scan the QR code of the official CSDN certification below on WeChat [free access],

    If you feel that your learning efficiency is low and you lack correct guidance, scan the QR code above and join me in the CSDN technology circle with rich resources and a strong learning atmosphere!

    There are many technical experts from the front line in the group, as well as code farmers who are working in small factories or outsourcing companies.We are committed to creating an equal and high-quality python communication circle, and it may not be possible to make everyone's technology advance by leaps and bounds in a short period of time., but in the long run, vision, pattern, and long-term development direction are the most important,

    The 35-year-old mid-life crisis is mostly caused by short-term interests, squeezing out the value prematurely.If you can establish a correct long-term career plan from the beginning, you will only be better than the people around you after the age of 35.People are more valuable,


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