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Post-90s programmers' voices: Internet colleagues, don't get involved, and everyone who gets involved will be lost


Tencent Interviewer:

I interviewed two programmers last week.After the interview, I felt very sad.

The first one, a 35-year-old man, is a Java developer.He feels very experienced.He can answer most of the questions, but when he asks about some new frameworks and new knowledge in the past six months, he is a little hesitant.Familiar appearance,

During the interview, I went out to answer two phone calls, and I vaguely heard it, as if it was related to the mortgage, etc.

After answering the phone, the expression on his face was very anxious, as if he was in a hurry to leave,

Finally, the company's technical director threw out the classic "come here today, the interview result will be notified by phone within three days" subtext of interview failure,

Then the 35-year-old programmer left with a disappointed face and a sad expression,

It seems that he has failed the interview many times.It can be seen from his expression that he is under a lot of pressure.According to the description on his resume, his last assignment was an extracurricular training structure, and I understood immediately.The reason why he is looking for a job now,

He needs a job very much now, because a 35-year-old middle-aged man has a family to support and a mortgage to pay.He can't lose his homework, even for a day,

Sometimes, ordinary people are really weak...

Nothing can be decided, nothing can be controlled, only in the tide of the times, it will be washed to the top of the wave, the shore will be washed, and the bottom will be washed again.

The second one, a 28-year-old male, took a software test, based on his homework experience, he had done back-end development for three years, and then transferred to a test position by himself,

Ask him why he switched from development to testing, obviously the salary of development is higher,

He said frankly that the development industry is too complicated, and he really can't get involved with those people, and he can't get involved,

By chance, he found that several software testers in his company had almost no software development capabilities, nor did they use any testing tools, just clicked there with a mouse all day long,

The quizzers asked him to help make an automated quiz tool, which would help them reduce their workload,

After listening to the requirements, he felt that the tool was very simple, and it was developed that night,

Listening to the testers' feedback the next day said it was very good, saving them half their time,

The tester praised him again to the technical director.The technical director looked at him and said that it is good.Then you should come and do the test.Anyway, there is no shortage of people in development now, but the testing department is in urgent need of someone who understands development and the internal structure of software.people,

So he was dragged to the testing department in a confused way.At the beginning, he did a little bit with a group of little girls.The technical director felt that this was overkill, so he led him to set up a white box testing team.He was the team leader, specializing in Responsible for some more advanced test projects, such as stress test, interface test, automated test, etc.

Then, he got his feet in the quiz line,

Such a development-to-testing process is a blow to dimensionality reduction for other soft-testing engineers without a development background.

Compared with the same education and ability, we would certainly prefer to have such a tester who understands development very well,

So I didn't know whether to laugh or cry:

"Do you think you can't keep up with the development of this line of work, so come to us to test this line of work, come and test it?"

The other party also smiled bitterly:

"No way, this may be the only career direction that works for me in the next five years,"

In recent years, with the development of the Internet industry, whether it is development, product, testing, operation, design, etc., any position is very difficult,

Among them, the most powerful one is development,

And the development line also rolls out the style, rolls out the following four dimensions,


I worked in a small company before.The company had two bosses, partners, and both programmers.

The two of them, one is undergraduate and the other is college,

Both of them are considered the first wave of programmers to embark on the Internet entrepreneurial express,

At that time, any undergraduate or junior college, as long as you had a major with a little bit of software development, to put it bluntly, you could read English, use computers, and type keyboards, and you would definitely be able to find programmers.homework,

It doesn't matter if you don't know how to program at the beginning.After you join the company, you will be led by old programmers.You can learn seven, seven, eight, eight in a few months, and then you can gain a firm foothold in this industry.It is even possible to start a business and become a boss.Yes,

However, now, not 985, 211, returnees majoring in computer science, if they want to join a slightly better company, it is really difficult to pass the initial screening of resumes,


The first example mentioned above is a typical example.At the age of 35, it is a watershed in the workplace.If you don't have really strong technical strength and keep up with the changes and development of the industry, it is really difficult to be the same as programmers in their twenties.Taiwan competition,

Attitude at work

When you go to the interview, the HR of every Internet company will tell you righteously: "Our company does not advocate overtime,"

However, when you really join the job, you know that HR's mouth is a liar.At seven o'clock in the evening, everyone in the company is motionless, and no one leaves.Are you leaving?

Many years ago, it was normal to get off work at 6 o'clock, but now, when you get off work at 6 o'clock, you are lazy and not motivated,

So everyone had to show that they liked their homework,

The programmer has another name, which is: actor,

So you can see that this industry has become a big reel, in which everyone is rolling around involuntarily, and everyone is suffocating when it is rolled,

I think of that classic "cinema theory":

In the beginning, everyone sat and watched the movie, which was pretty good.

Suddenly the person sitting in the first row stood up for a better view,

So the people in the second row, third row and even the last row had to stand up in order to see the movie,

The end result is that everyone stood watching the movie together, and they were exhausted to death, no one felt so happy,

But everyone forgot, at first, we could sit and watch movies,


I am also an old programmer who has been engaged in development for 6 years.The most popular language recently, python is also a language I have been working on.

python also ranks first on the TIOBE rankings,

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