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Teach you to make a beautiful and easy-to-use 404 page in two minutes

How to quickly make a website 404 jump page?

If you want to do it fast and well, open source byte recommends applying a beautiful template.

In general, it is to use the 404 page template to modify, and upload a modified 404 page to the root directory of the website, and then generally set directly in the background of the website space and select this file as the 404 page.

Specifically, the process of making a 404 page by modifying the 404 template is as follows:

first step

Get the 404 code file and download a set of 404 page templates (usually a 404 code file and a 404 image)

second step

Modify the file information, and modify the link text in the 404 page code file to the information suitable for your own website. Domain name, keywords, 404 image call path information, etc. If there is advertising information on the picture, it can also be modified to the information of your own website

There are about four major revisions:

(1) Click the link of the 404 picture

(2) 404 image call link

(3) The main link of your own website

(4) Anchor text links added on 404 pages

and other main four link information

The link information in other places does not need to be modified, because some links will be automatically generated on your own website.

third step

Upload 404 code files and pictures to the root directory of your website.

the fourth step

Open your own space background, find the 404 page, and set and add your own 404 page information.

After completing the above steps, the 404 page of our website is completed.

404 related instructions:

(1) For some websites, 301 and 404 are mandatory written by the website, so there is no need to set them. For example, the WordPress website program, 301 and 404 are all built-in programs, and the files are generally in the template file of their own website. Then such sites do not need to be set up.

If you set it up, in the fourth step, the server or space will have a prompt saying:

Your website program contains mandatory rewriting and cannot use custom 404 rules! Such programs generally come with 404 files in the template directory, like wordpress.

(2) 404 pages are one of the ways to deal with low-quality page links such as empty links, bad links, dead links, etc.


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