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Is there a difference between ApplicationStartedEvent and ContextStartedEvent?

Let me talk to you about this issue today: Is there a difference between ApplicationStartedEvent and ContextStartedEvent?


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Regarding this issue, it is actually the understanding of Spring and Spring Boot event mechanism.

Although Spring Boot is based on Spring, Spring Boot does not directly use the common events defined in Spring, but redefines a batch.

They are all inherited from SpringApplicationEvent, and SpringApplicationEventinherited from ApplicationEventSpringApplicationEventand the title mentioned ContextStartedEventis the same level.

Therefore, it should be useless in Spring Boot ContextStartedEvent的.

What are the specific events of Spring Boot, you can see an article written before when 2.0 was released: "Spring Boot 2.0 New Features (2): New Event ApplicationStartedEvent

ApplicationStartedEvent <= new event

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The above is my understanding. If there is something wrong, please point it out in the comment area, learn and advance together!


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