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How to teach yourself programming?

    There are always students asking: I want to enter the Internet and become a programmer, but your programming is too difficult, how to teach yourself programming? So share it with you today!


1. The process of self-learning programming

    Most of the new people who learn programming do not have the talent to learn programming. Learning a new programming language is very difficult for most people, but you must have confidence in yourself! The process of self-learning programming from entry to mastery is divided into four stages: boring, chaotic, enlightened, and puzzled.

    The first programming introductory book that newcomers get often starts with the most basic types, grammatical structures, functions, methods, class objects, etc., but when you don’t know what you want to do at all, Just like eating dry biscuits in the desert, the learning content is hard, dry, and tasteless. I estimate that more than half of the learners will start to give up at this stage!

    There are no shortcuts here. The reason why great programmers learn a new programming language quickly is because this stage is the same. As a newcomer, it is not acceptable. This is not only the foundation, but also the most time-consuming and energy-consuming stage. You have to work hard. Although you can take advantage of opportunities and find some crash courses, it will definitely not go far.

    When you have a good grasp of the basics, remember that it is not 100%, and you need to start a systematic understanding of a real development project. This process often occurs in the advanced stage of the training course or the first half year of entering the company. This stage , the difficulty is not the grammar problem, but what you can do in the face of the engineering framework and a large number of program libraries, you will be confused! At this stage, you have to do a forced march and spend a lot of effort to face it. This process is to reshape your systematic thinking!

    Suddenly one day the task arranged by the leader for you runs, and you understand the reason; or the leader listens to your confusing logic and gently points out the confusion; or you enter the source code author's thinking and understand Their intentions, at this time you are enlightened, just like drinking refreshing spring water on a thirsty day, every day you are hungry for knowledge, and you are humble and stupid. This is actually the first wonderful time in the program's life.

    But things are not over yet. It will take a long time for you to understand the systematic thinking of programming. However, at this stage, there is a novice who used to be the same as you. Remember, you must teach more. teach him. It's true that you are also a half bottle, but that's not important. Share everything you know with him, and solve the problems he encounters together. You must promote learning through teaching, because this is the most unique part of learning programming. , slowly, many people will find that you are very helpful, and there will always be people who will ask you questions that you are confused about. More and more you can do what you can't.

    If you see this and find that you have gone through these processes, then congratulations, your future is infinitely bright in the technical development of program life.

2. Self-learning programming skills

    Many students complain about programming in the process of learning, "Programming is so hard to learn, and I don't have any direction." "There are a lot of information videos on the Internet, people are numb!" Self-learning programming depends not only on perseverance, but also on methods and skills. Remember: programming learning is not a book, but it must be done!

    Programming skills I summarize five points this time: don't ask to do it, keep it right, peel the onion, use logs more, and use search well.

    Many students come out of more than ten years of test-oriented education, and they are especially prone to fall into the inertia of pursuing a large and comprehensive systematic thinking system before starting to do it. This is the poison of programming entry, and this poison must be eliminated!

    Programming pays special attention to the reverse thinking method, first follow the cat and draw the tiger, don't ask why first, for example: Java programs must use the Jdbc driver package to connect to the database. In the process of learning by doing, gradually understand the operating mechanism of the system.

    What are the first principles of development? Keeping the code correct all the time is a principle that should always be kept in mind. When the complexity of the code makes you confused, you must first let them compile without error, and let the compiled program run without error. Only correct and runnable code can give you the determination to solve the problem! Any mistakes may interfere with your correct judgment of the problem.

    So how can we keep the code correct all the time? That is to learn how to peel the onion, for example: you have pulled a lot of code from the Internet, but it is all red in your IDE, you are confused, what should you do? Remember, streamlining is the only rule of thumb to keep things right, keep eliminating the wrong code until, even if there is only a piece of code left, and then recovering a little bit, it will be very easy to find out where the source of the error is.

    There are still many beginners, the first one is the IDE, and the error when running the program is the debugging tool to check the error. Over time, the debugging tool is inseparable! Really complex production environment, what do you do without an IDE? You can't control it at all, so you have to get used to using logs to debug from the beginning. Can you believe it, I have been programming for 20 years, and I am not familiar with debugging tools.

    The last thing I want to say is that there is a bug that cannot be solved by myself, what should I do? To make good use of search engines, many beginners panic when they encounter problems and ask for help. With so many years of development experience, most bugs can be found on Baidu. Only a small amount of bugs need to be searched by Google, and they really need to be solved by Google and Stackoverflow. Most of the beginners can't meet the problem, so it's efficient and not asking for help!

    So how to make good use of search? Just grab the keyword combination, don't go up is a sentence, search is not Siri, which will give ambiguity. The keyword that best represents the problem in the exception plus the domain word. For example, when you operate MySQL, the terminal throws a ClassNotFoundException exception. The combination of these two English words is the focus of the search. The search engine will definitely find many missing related Jdbc driver packages. The article of the big guy who has stepped on the pit. So making good use of search is the best teacher for learning programming.

3. I am about to find a job, what should I do next?

    If you are a graduate student, you will not be able to find a job after graduation, and one is better than one. However, for most of the school's general undergraduate and junior college students, finding a job in information technology, especially software development, is actually a big problem in life.

    But here comes the problem. You can complain that the university is not teaching well, and you can also be annoyed at your wasting time. But this is the past tense, what do you do now? Where does solid technology come from? Self-study, start self-study from now on, and be a lifelong learner.

    I have always believed that learning programming, learning operating systems, and having the ability to develop is the best stepping stone for most poor people. When you join a technology company, you will find that in fact, most people have only mastered some relatively common technologies. In fact, 40% of the time is spent on technology, 60% of the time on various team affairs, and even some people have turned from technology to technology. I have taken positions in management, sales, products, etc., and found my true strengths. But the difficulty is that the process before entering the door is extremely difficult.

    All this comes from the time you are now. This is not the end of learning, but the beginning of real learning. You need to lay a solid foundation now, make yourself a good pair of boots, and move forward in society without being so difficult and painful. , which is important for your future development.

    What is the first option for self-study?

    That is, you must master a mainstream programming technology, patiently master a programming technology and develop practice, participate in training institutions' projects or directly participate in open source projects, and color your resume.

    One more skill: There is a hidden reference to which technique to master, and that is what is the atmosphere around you? For example, you have a big brother who is a master of Java, or you have a roommate who is a lover of C++. Of course, they are also willing to guide you. If you have someone to help you, it can be your first choice for technical learning! If you don't have someone to help you, you can come to the MOOC.com, which is full of dry goods!


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