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Uber pushes mobile speed data service in face of complex traffic battle in cities


    Uber announced the release of the movement speed data service Movement Speeds in five major cities to help cities solve complex transportation challenges, including New York, Seattle, Cincinnati, Nairobi and London. The movement speed data service is compatible with open transportation data On the platform SharedStreets, Uber opened its mobile Movement service in 2017 to provide Uber driving history, and now it is going a step further, launching a more interactive and functional mobile speed data service. The mobile speed data service has added street and hour-level specific data, allowing urban transportation planners to view historical data on the operation of the entire transportation network. Considering the privacy of drivers and passengers, all collected data will not Expose information about individual drivers and passengers. Urban traffic planners can use Uber's movement speed data set, together with other public data sets, to analyze streets and understand the traffic conditions on the streets to find feasible ways to clear traffic.



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