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Azure Maps Service joins public transit service


Azure Maps Service joins public transit service
Microsoft has added the Mobility Service to the Azure map service, allowing enterprises to add information from the public transportation system to applications such as asset tracking or the Internet of Things, and has also updated the Azure map SDK and map drawing. Cartography and style. Since Microsoft cooperated with Moovit, a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) provider last year, and now the results of the cooperation have been released, a public transportation transfer information application has been added to Azure Maps. Applications can access public transportation information through Azure Maps. It also provides various traffic analysis results, including detailed information on shared bicycles, motorcycles, and cars (below). In addition, public transport services can provide transport trend analysis, including public transport ridership, costs and benefits of different modes of transportation, and even the cost of on-street parking can be taken into account.

Azure Maps Service joins public transit service

Public transportation services also support travel planning, which can provide users with suggestions for the best travel mode, such as walking, cycling or taking public transportation in the city, and can obtain routes that meet various conditions, such as the least walking, the least Change trains, or specify your desired departure and arrival times. In the new version of the Azure Maps Web SDK, Microsoft has added a new drawing tool module that allows users to use the mouse or touch to draw points, lines and polygons on the map, and also added many spatial mathematical calculations. Function, you can calculate the polygonal area, or find the nearest point or line. In terms of map style, this version provides a new light gray color scheme, which allows users not only to use the dark gray theme, but also to display custom data on a map with a smaller contrast. Users can use both Azure Maps Web SDK and Android In the SDK, a light gray map is used for color matching. Microsoft is also adding more detail to the map's sidewalks, improving the look of urban areas and parks.
Azure Maps Service joins public transit service
Azure Maps Service joins public transit service

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