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2.0.2-Reaper piano roll zoom and scroll settings

Reaper piano roll zoom and scroll settings

Horizontal scaling settings

  1. Open the menu Actions -> show action list

  2. section Select Midi Editor, search for View: Zoom horizontally (MIDI relative/mousewheel) (horizontal zoom), here the default shortcut keys include mousewheel, you can click delete to delete 3) Click the Add button and set the shortcut key, here is ctrl

    + Mouse wheel

    4) Click OK

Vertical scaling settings

  1. Similar to the horizontal zoom setting, search for View: Zoom vertically (vertical zoom)

  2. Enter the shortcut key after clicking the Add button

vertical scroll settings

  1. After opening the action list, search for View: Scroll vertically (MIDI relative/mousewheel) (vertical scrolling)

  2. Click Add to add a shortcut key


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