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Let VIM support use the directory tree to view the code directory folder as in windows

    How to make VIM support the same as in windows, use the directory tree to view the code directory folder, figure Shown as follows:

    Operate It's very simple, no software needs to be installed, only a few files need to be added.Of course, this is also a third-party plug-in.The download address of the official website: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1658,
    The download address of this site: http: //www.04007.cn/download/63.html After downloading this site, put the corresponding two directories under ~/.vim/.

#Download processed script cd // sudo cp plugin/NERD_tree.vim ~/.vim/plugin/ 
    After following the above operation (actually put the two directories and the files plugin/NERD_tree.vim and doc/NERD_tree.txt under the ~/.vim/ directory).At this time, open the file in vim, execute: NERDTree in the last line mode, and you can see the directory tree on the left.Others can be operated like vim's split screen shortcut keys.In addition, you can add a shortcut key to open this function: modify the ratio of /etc/vimrc plus:



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