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The solution for AVI, MPG format video without preview thumbnail in windows7

    downloaded a lot of video materials, but when viewing these videos in the folder, some videos do not have a preview image , Some have, I find it very troublesome, because the names of these files are basically meaningless names.If there is no preview image, you need to click to play to know what style of video material it is.There is no preview image in WINDOWS but it is displayed as follows (I use QQ player)

    I found some methods on the Internet, but it doesn’t work.Later, I found a script (I added some video formats in the script, which worked), saved it locally as a.reg file and restarted the computer after running it.Open it and there is a preview picture (all the AVI files on my side are displayed, and the mpg file is completed with two lines of code.Only the mov video format does not have a thumbnail).The script is as follows:

Windows  Registry-b01f-234630154e96}] @=" {9DBD2C50-62AD-11D0-B806-00C04FD706EC}"
     Basically all came out, and I didn’t deal with the rest.You can also install some software to solve it.It’s not that important that I don’t want to install additional software.There is a software called: K-Lite_Codec_Pack_12.3.5_Mega, it should work.K-Lite Codec Pack (audio and video decoder) is a world-famous and highly acclaimed decoder.Can provide other players with different formats of audio and video file decoding.It is an excellent product that is definitely worth using.K-Lite Codec Pack is the originator of the decoder pack, one of the best decoder packs, it can expand the function of the player to enable it to decode more formats.It also comes with media player classic, which allows the decoder package to work with him.It is a decoder that provides you with most audio and video formats.With it installed, your player can take all audio and video formats.The standard version includes the decoders required to play most of today's video files that can be downloaded and played online for free; The full version includes support for more uncommon file formats and comes with a media player.I did not try.After running reg and restarting the computer, it is OK except for mov.


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