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rabbitmq queue all available commands

    rabbitmq comes with a convenient command line tool: rabbitmqctl, such as the native rabbitmqctl The installation path is: /opt/modules/rabbitmq/sbin/rabbitmqctl list_queues

How to use: /opt/modules/rabbitmq/sbin/rabbitmqctl list_queues status 

available for rabbitmqctl All commands are as follows:

stop [< pid_file>] stop_app start_app wait  reset force_reset rotate_logs < /span> join_cluster  [--ram ] cluster_status change_cluster_node_type disc | ram forget_cluster_node [--offline] update_cluster_nodes clusternode sync_queue queue cancel_sync_queue queue set_cluster_name name add_user  < /span>    #User account operation delete_user  change_password   clear_password  set_user_tags  ...list_users add_vhost  delete_vhost  list_vhosts [...] set_permissions [-p < span class="tag">]      clear_permissions [-p ]  list_permissions [-p ] list_user_permissions  set_parameter [-p ]     clear_parameter [-p ]   ; list_parameters [-p ] set_policy [-p ] [--priority < /span>] [--apply-to ] < span class="tag">   clear_policy [-p < /span>]  list_policies [-p ] list_queues [-p ] [< /span>...]    #List queue and other information list_exchanges [-p < /span>] [< span class="pln">...] list_bindings [-p ] [< span class="tag">...] list_connections [...] list_channels [...] list_consumers [-p  ] status environment report eval  close_connection   trace_on [-p ] trace_off [-p ] set_vm_memory_high_watermark  pre> 




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