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Redis 3.2.8 version info command data meaning-detailed explanation of redis info command

    The amount of information obtained by the redis info command is very large and must be mastered.The following is an explanation of the meaning of all the data collected after info is executed in the redis3.2.8 version.In addition, the info command can return only a certain part of the information by giving the optional parameter section: the following is a detailed explanation of the data meaning of the info command:

#Server section redis_version : 3.2.8 #Redis server version #redis internal scheduling (to close the timeout client, delete expired keys, etc.) frequency, the program stipulates that serverCron runs 10 times per second. lru_clock:4080070 #The self-increasing clock is used for LRU management.The clock is updated once at 100ms (hz=10, so every 1000ms/10=100ms executes a timing task). executable:/opt/modules/redis/bin< span class="pun">/redis-server #Redis-server path to be executed. config_file:/opt/modules/redis/etc/6379.conf  /span> used_memory_human:873.26K #Displays the memory consumed by Redis in a readable format used_memory_rss: span>21792854016 #Memory allocated to Redis by the operating system.That is, the amount of memory occupied by Redis.This value is the same as the result of the RES column output by the top command.The result of the RES column indicates the physical memory actually used by the Redis process (in bytes) used_memory_rss_human:20.30G  jemalloc-3.6. span>0 # Specified at compile time, the memory allocator used by Redis.It can be libc, jemalloc or tcmalloc #Persistence section loading:0 #A logo Value, which records whether the server is loading a persistent file rdb_changes_since_last_save< span class="com">#The number of currently subscribed patterns latest_fork_usec:159 #Time spent in the last fork() operation (milliseconds) migrate_cached_sockets:0 #Replication section on the main library role:master < /span>#The role played in master-slave replication.If there is no master-slave replication, single point, it also plays the role of master<


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