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SecureCRT login to the bastion machine-always prompts that the password verification failed-(the local time problem causes the dynamic code to be abnormal)

    I logged in to the company’s fortress machine at home a few days ago, and always prompted that the password verification failed.But it has been okay before, but this time it was strange.I thought it was a change in the company's password mechanism, but it was correct.Today I am going to try it again.Before the company was unable to connect to the company’s computer remotely due to a power outage in the company, I compared it today and found that the security code generated at home is different from the security code in the company.

    At first glance, the time on my computer is 2 minutes slower than the company computer, so the problem is simple.The root of the problem is the local time.Because the mechanism of Google Authenticator to generate security codes is related to time, I wrote about this in a previous article: http://www.04007.cn/article/214.html .

    In addition: For the security code, most people install an APP on their mobile phone, and then check it every time they log in It’s really troublesome to get the verification code on the phone.Here I put the php program directly on the computer, and every time I refresh the web page, I directly get and copy the latest password + verification code.This is very convenient.The code is as follows:

  In addition, the local time synchronization setting: Some servers may not be able to synchronize due to overcoming the wall.I chose this one: time.nist.gov.Setting up automatic updates will no longer cause this problem.


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