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The secureCRT command line tool executes commands in all open windows at one time

    The company has more servers.Recently, because of opcache, it is necessary to restart all PHP on the WEB server.The currently used jenkins is released, but account security issues, the account permissions given to jenkins are limited and cannot perform sudo operations.So after going online, you need to restart PHP manually.In the past, when there are few servers, it is not troublesome.However, if there are too many servers, you cannot execute them one by one.Therefore, you need to execute the restart php command and secureCRT command in all open windows at the same time.The line tool has this function.

    My secureCRT version is: Version 7.0.0 (build 326)  -  Official Release-July 3, 2012 Chinese version

    How to use: First go to the menu and select: View->Interactive window, as shown in the figure below:  Then right-click in the input box that appears below: Send the interaction to all sessions.As shown below:


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