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Installation of php5.6 under linux, detailed explanation of common installation configuration parameters in .configure in php

    just to make a note for later installation, this is the installation of php5.6.30 , Different versions of PHP./configure The configuration parameters may have slight changes.When installing PHP7, I also used --with-mysql=mysqlnd, but in fact, this item is of no use.There is also the item --with-zend-vm=GOTO, which is not necessary when installing PHP7.The specific configuration items can be viewed through the./configure --help command.

cd /opt/downloads/  sudo wget http://--with-mysqli=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config #mysqli extension technology not only You can call MySQL stored procedures, handle MySQL transactions, and make access to the database more stable. < > --with-iconv-dir=/usr/local < span class="com">#The option command --with-iconv-dir is used to specify the path of iconv in the system when PHP is compiled, otherwise the default path will be scanned. --with-< span class="pun">--enable-shmop --enable- sysvsem #In this way, your PHP system can handle related IPC functions. --enable-inline-optimization Tags

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