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The eight most popular data science competitions

If you want to learn more about data science and expand your capabilities, then participating in the competition is the best choice. They allow you not only to learn the best practices of data science, but also to understand problem-solving skills and brainstorm with many people to solve challenges. Another advantage of competition is that competition allows you to push the boundaries of data science and use your creativity to find new solutions. In other words, they are the best way to learn how to find viable solutions for big data, and this skill will be very useful in your data science work! Therefore, this article provides the most popular data science competitions that you can participate in and enrich your knowledge.

Some of these competitions are held once a year, such as Topcoder Open or Iron Viz Championship. Certain other platforms hold competitions from different organizations and companies throughout the year. So go ahead and take a look at these data science competitions, who knows, you might even win the competition this year!



Kaggle is one of the most popular data science platforms in the world! You can participate in many competitions on Kaggle to improve your data science skills. These competitions range from using image analysis to identify wheat to predicting the decline in lung function due to pulmonary fibrosis. These competitions allow the smartest people in the field of data science to compete and obtain solutions to serious problems in the world (and cash rewards are just a reward!) Therefore, if you are new to data science competitions, you should start with Kaggle. You can carry out some simple competitions, and then continue to be active in the world with huge cash prizes.

2.International Data Analysis Olympics (IDAHO)

The International Data Analysis Olympiad is a data science competition that is open to everyone, whether they are undergraduates, graduate students or PhDs. Students or even company employees or new data scientists. The competition aims to improve the skills of data science professionals so that they can fully meet the industry needs in this field. IDAHO has 2 rounds. The first round is a data science competition, where participants are provided with labeled training data sets and asked to predict test data. The second round focuses more on efficiency, so participants must solve the same problems as the first round, but time and memory are strictly limited.


DrivenData is an online platform designed to solve some of the world's biggest social challenges through data science innovation. Therefore, it faces various online challenges that last two to three months, and various data scientists compete in these challenges to find the best solutions to difficult predictive problems that occur in the real world. Some online challenges include detecting obnoxious content in memes, predicting the spread of dengue fever disease, predicting earthquake damage to buildings, etc. Since these challenges are designed to solve problems and learn more about data science, the code submitted by the winners is under an open source license so that everyone can learn and improve.


Topcoder faces many challenges so that participants can learn more about data science and at the same time win the price! Most challenges provide rewards, but some challenges are just learning and growing. The most famous challenge is the annual Topcoder Open, which has various competition methods based on data science, design, competitive programming and software development. The most successful candidates will be invited to participate in the live finals for free for a week.They can win many prizes and learn from each other. TopCoder also holds some smaller regional events throughout the year.Although not as big as Topcoder Open, it still allows different people to participate and improve their skills.


Codalab is an open source platform with various data science competitions. These competitions do not have high cash prizes, but still provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about data science and create effective codes. These competitions are a great way to learn more about collaboration and finding solutions with the team, because Codalab focuses on data programming and code construction in the competition. Currently, the most popular ones include "Liver Tumor Segmentation Challenge", "Microsoft COCO Image Captioning Challenge", "MAFAT Radar Challenge" and so on. The BTW MAFAT Radar Challenge can provide a reward of $40,000!


DataHack is a platform provided by Analytics Vidhya that can host many data science hackathons. You can compete with expert data science and machine learning experts from all over the world and solve real-life data science problems in these hackathons while learning many new skills. You can win many awards in these hackathons, and some can even provide job opportunities for top companies. Datahack also organizes exclusive data science events through Analytics Vidhya, where you can directly interact with leaders in the data science and machine learning communities.

7.Iron Viz

Iron Viz is a data visualization competition hosted by Tableau. It allows data scientists from all over the world to compete with each other to create the best data visualization that is both beautiful and informative. Iron Viz has 2 rounds, namely Iron Viz Qualifier and Iron Viz Champion. Everyone can participate in Iron Viz Qualifier, which is an online competition based on the Qualifier theme. The theme for 2020 is "Health and Wellness" (considering the current issues facing the world!) The last three participants will participate in the live-streamed Iron Viz Championship. The only thing participants need to start is to access Tableau Desktop. A free version of the software, Tableau Desktop Public Edition, is also available.

8.Machine Hack

Machine Hack is an online platform with various machine learning competitions that you can use to test and practice ML skills. All hackathons provide unique opportunities to compete with data scientists from all over the world and improve your data science skills. The big advantage of these hackathons is that companies can also hire unique talents from here, so the best performers can even get job opportunities! Machine Hack also provides an option to practice data science and machine learning skills, and when you are well prepared, you can compete. There is also a community contribution section where more than 10,000 data scientists and machine learning developers share their experiences, skills, tutorials, etc.so that other participants can learn from it.

All these competitions and hackathons are great ways to enhance your knowledge. You can even think of them as training platforms to prepare you to process data and find the best solutions in data science. Therefore, you should participate in these competitions without worrying about winning or losing. Because even if you don’t get a prize, you will still learn a lot.This is a win-win situation!


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