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How to use camera data recovery software

If the camera memory card data is lost and needs to be recovered, be sure to remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into the computer with a card reader. How to use the camera data recovery software and then use the data recovery software to scan and recover the memory card.


Tools/Software: Bright Data Recovery Software

Step 1: After the program is opened, right-click the disk to be recovered and select full scan (do not click to start recovery directly, the default is quick scan, formatted disk needs to be completely scanned for data to be complete).

Step 2: After the program scan is completed, you will see the file name that needs to be restored.

Step 3: Check the data to be restored, right-click and select "Copy Selected Files", the program will COPY the selected files.

Step 4: The last step only needs to wait for the software to complete the COPY of the data.


Note 1: Do not save the new file to the disk that needs to be restored for now.

Note 2: The recovered files need to be saved to other disks.


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