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How to view TDS packet content in SSMS

To view the contents of the TDS database in detail, we can:

Use the NETWORK MONITOR tool to monitor the contents of the TDS data packet

Or turn on the trace flag 4052, 4055, 3605, then SQLSERVER will receive and send TDS data packets in

Displayed in SQLSERVER error log.Enabling these trace flags will have an impact on performance, so they can only be turned on in a test environment.

Use the following command line to start the database, and then run the above ADO VBScript script to view the database version

sqlservr.exe -c -skatmai -T4052 -T4055 -T3605

You can’t use the command line, you can only use the GUI.You must stop SQLSERVER before adding it to add startup parameters.After adding it, restart SQL and you can see the received TDS packets

You can only add one line at a time

You can see the following TDS packets in the sqlserver error log.Here, each byte of the TDS packet has its specific meaning.

If the first byte of the received packet is 01, it means that the command received by SQL is a SQL Batch command, and the second 01 represents the status of the TDS packet

28 represents the length of the TDS packet.For the specific meaning of each byte, readers can refer to the TDS specification



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