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Which video encryption choice is better? Is online encryption better or software encryption better?

Generally speaking, the decision to encrypt my video is to protect our own rights .The encrypted video is usually a video that I have worked hard to create for realization or a video that spreads to the outside of the company. Thus the importance of video encrypted Needless to say, these original videos for the owner, the copyright of the video has become particularly important, for example, we get closest to the daily life of postgraduate education learning this type of video, the once hard I created video Being spread maliciously or being sold at a high price by others will bring a small loss of interest to my educational institution.

In this case, how do we encrypt and protect my video? Let's see whether the video I made is to be watched online or sent to the students alone.In these two formats, the point-of-quantity software is still quite good. For example, if you want students to watch online, you can choose H5 online video encryption .Online video encryption is to perform an encryption solution to upload the video file to the server website.The viewer does not need to download the video.Indirectly, it can be watched online by closing it on the website.A real-time small data block can be decrypted at time, which can limit the domain name to be played, and others can not watch it after being broadcast or downloaded.In addition, it can also set up a question and answer.After the answer is correct, the next step can be watched.The information of the student can also be displayed during the playback.Setting it as a watermark greatly guarantees the security of the video.If students use facilities to record and circulate, they can add responsibilities based on the watermark below.

Another form is to use its own encryption software Point Shield Cloud for encryption .These are all equipped with special encryption tools and special players.The watermark can also be set when using encryption tools to encrypt their own videos.In addition, this kind of software is available.Anti-screen recording mechanism, automatic detection. It can also limit the play date, and realize one device one code, and then play the video application special player can play. Although it is not as inconvenient as watching online, this kind of absolute security performance is higher than that of online encryption.


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