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Batch search, replace and delete soft enter (alt+enter) operation steps in excel cells

In an excel operation, you need to replace all specific symbols (such as commas) with soft returns.The following methods are found on the Internet, and I hereby record them for backup.

1.Find line breaks in excel cells (alt + enter)
.To find soft returns (alt + enter) in batches in excel, you can enter in the search box (call out by pressing ctrl + f): hold down the alt key Hold, and then input the two numbers 1 and 0 through the numeric keyboard in turn, release the number key and then release the alt key.
1.No changes can be seen in the search box when inputting the above keys, but it’s okay, don’t input more or less;
2.If you are using a laptop, don’t use the number keys to input 10, you must call the letter keys The numeric keypad will do.

2.Batch delete or replace newline characters (alt + enter) After
knowing how to find, this is easy.
Bring up the "Find and Replace" box (you can directly press ctrl + h to call it out), enter the above method in the find content box, and enter the content you want to replace in the replace content box.If you don't enter the content, delete the search Content.


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