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Mysql5.7 complete uninstall steps

This article mainly focuses on the various unclean uninstall problems that appear in the MySQL reinstallation.I hope it will be helpful to you.If you have any questions, you can leave a message for exchange.
Mainly introduce the specific steps of completely uninstalling mysql: including stopping the service, uninstalling related programs, deleting the registry, etc.1, Stop MySQL service 2.Uninstall MySQL related programs

step1: This time is the win10 system environment; click on the bottom left corner: Start --> All applications --> pop up all recent applications, select MySQL, right click and click uninstall , Here will jump to the control panel,

As shown in step2

step2: Figure 1 Jump or windows key+R-->Control-->Programs and functions; right click to uninstall all MySQL programs

step3: My installation directory is on the C drive, first open C:\Program Files and delete the MySQL folder

step4: Open the ProgramData folder of hidden files and delete the following MySQL files

3.Uninstall MySQL related registry, here is also the pit of unsuccessful reinstallation

step1: Windows+R-->regedit-->Open the registry

step2: Open and delete according to the path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services General services will have the same name (the name is usually MySQL)

There is also F3 or Ctrl+F to open the search box, enter MySQL, and pay attention to the computer.

There is also an important step to delete the Connector Net XXX registry.Many of the reasons for your failure are also on this registry

step3: Delete the detected MySQL registry directly

4.After completing the above 3 steps, you can reinstall the database


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