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Mysql installation and login

Check whether MySQL has been installed in the Linux system 

 sudo service mysql start //Try to open the MySQL service


mysql: unrecongized service //Indicates that the system does not have MySQL

You need

//Install MySQL server, core program
   sudo apt-get install mysql-server
 //Install MySQL client
  Sudo apt-get install mysql-client

Verify      sudo netstat -tap|grep mysql (note that the front is netstat, and there is a space before -tap)

Modify the configuration file (my.cnf)    sudo gedit/etc/mysql/my.cnf

Practice logging in and logging out of MySQL, using and viewing the database  

//Start MySQL service
    Sudo service mysql start
    Mysql -u root

View database  show databases;

Connect to the database  use database name

Show tables    show tables;

Exit     quit or exit

The above is the detailed explanation of MySql installation and login introduced by the editor.I hope it will be helpful to you.If you have any questions, please leave me a message.The editor will reply to you in time.Thank you very much for your support to the website!


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