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Mysql5.7.15 installation configuration method graphic

As a leader among relational databases, MySQL database is not only highly sought after by the market, but also favored by programmers due to its small size, high speed, and low cost.Next, let me tell you about the download and installation of MySQL:

One, MySQL download

First step: Enter https://www.mysql in the address bar of the browser .com/Enter MySQL official website, as shown below:

Step 2: Single-machine Download, you will enter the following page: as shown in the figure below:

Step 3: Here are a few versions of MySQL:

1.MySQL Community Server is a community version, open source and free, but does not provide official technical support.

2.MySQL Enterprise Edition is an enterprise version, for a fee, and you can try it out for 30 days.

3.MySQL Cluster cluster version, open source and free.Several MySQL Servers can be packaged into one Server.

4.MySQL Cluster CGE Advanced Cluster Edition, chargeable. 

5.MySQL Workbench (GUITOOL) is an ER/database modeling tool designed specifically for MySQL.It is the successor of the famous database design tool DBDesigner4.MySQL Workbench is divided into two versions, namely the community version (MySQL Workbench OSS) and the commercial version (MySQL WorkbenchSE). 

MySQL Community Server is open source and free, which is also the version of MySQL we usually use.It is subdivided into multiple versions according to different operating system platforms.

MySQL Community Server is free and open source, so on this page we stand-alone Community, after the stand-alone is finished, it will be displayed as shown below:

Step 4: Choose whether you want to download the installed version or the decompressed version, (the difference between the installed version and the decompressed version can be searched by Baidu) Let’s take the installed version as an example:  

After the stand-alone Download, enter the following page, as shown in the figure below:

After the stand-alone, enter the following page to download the stand-alone Download.

So far, the download of mysql is complete, and the following is displayed after the download is successful:

Here I would like to remind you: The windows version of mysql32-bit is also suitable for 64-bit.

Second, MySQL installation (here I take the installation of mysql5.5 as an example, the installation process is similar)

(1) Double-click the file to be installed, and the following page appears:


(2) Stand-alone next, the following page appears:

(3) Here we choose custom installation, and stand-alone next, it will appear as follows:

It should be noted here: Set the storage location of the MySQL server and MySQL data files.It is recommended to store them in a mysql directory file.

The stand-alone next appears as follows:

The stand-alone finish appears as follows:

Single machine next, appears as follows:

Continue to stand-alone next, it will appear as follows:

Continue to stand-alone next, and it will appear as follows:

Continue next, the following appears:

Continue next, the following appears:

Continue next, the following appears:

Continue next, the following appears:

Continue to next, and it will appear as follows: Here you need to wait a little while, after all the checkmarks are automatically checked, it means that mysql is installed successfully at this time.

The installation of mysql has progressed to this point, and the installation has been completed.Next, verify whether mysql is installed successfully.

Enter the command under cmd: mysql -uroot -p password (the password you set at that time), if the following is displayed, it means that the mysql installation is successful.

Here I introduce how to start mysql and close mysql service:

Under cmd, enter the following command to shut down the mysql service: net  stop mysql.The following appears:


Under cmd, enter the following command to close the mysql service: net  start mysql.The following appears:   

The above is the installation and configuration method of mysql 5.7.15, I hope it will be helpful to everyone's study.

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